The most Funky NFTs generated in the cryptospace based on Polygon Blockchain!


What do you need to know

Funky Aliens is a limited NFT collection that allows you to build up a Network of DJs, Artists, Music Producers, Enterpreneurs and Investors.

  • Unique DNA and algorithmically generated ERC-721 Token.
  • Limited supply of 10.000 Funky Aliens.
  • NO GAS FEE, we are landing on Polygon Blockchain.
  • The Sandbox & Decentraland Avatars Airdrops
Give us some SPACE in your Wallet, human!

500+ Discord Members
Discord / Youtube Radio
100/500 Free Funky Aliens Gived Away
First Members Aliens Minted
– Music / Art Contests LIVE

– 10k Members on Discord
– First 1000 Wallets Minted
will receive Sandbox Airdrops
– Funky Aliens 3D



Upcoming Airdrop to Holders

HOLD 10 or more you will receive a FREE 3D Funky Aliens!

We are coming to stay!

There are 7 Funky Alien races as the scifi fiction wants: Grey, Reptilian, Insectoid, Venusian, Humanoid, Pleiadian and Golden, the only one who can manipulate the space_time fabric.

Legend has it that: it is his golden pipe that gives him the powers of clairvoyance, wisdom and longevity.

There are more than 30 different background scenarios representing the places and events most relevant to the UFO theme, from Roswell or the Area51 base, to hyperspace glitches and take cue from sentational 90s sci-fi pop culture.

We're Building on The Sandbox and Decentraland



Creator. WiTh the passion of aliens & ufo's Escaped from base 51 to duplicate and modify its DNA to bring funkys to life.


Polygon Master


Business Bomber


Nifty Stardast and DJ Producer


Martian Technician


Funky Marketer


It is as simple as drinking a cocktail on hydrogen and oxygen (AKA water).
You just need to connect your Polygon wallet (metamask), click on Mint, choose the amount of Funky Aliens you want to mine and then sign the transaction.
Read How to

Polygon is an Ethereum Layer 2 where transaction fees are really low, while mantaining ERC20 and ERC721 standards. Many big projects are adopting Polygon, like Opensea, Aave and Sushiswap.
So we decided to innovate and use Polygon, to facilitate our community and ourselves.
Community can Mint Funky Aliens paying near-to-zero commissions.
We can run many competitions and giveaways, dropping few Funky Aliens to our community. Those who receive them won’t pay any minting fee.

The price of a single Funky Alien is 70 MATIC.
We thought to have discounted prices for multiple purchases.
180 MATIC for 3 Funky Aliens (60 MATIC each)
250 MATIC for 5 Funky Aliens (50 MATIC each)

Just HODL them!
You’ll be eligible for community Giveaways as a Minter and/or as a Holder. We’ll drop Funky Aliens NFT, 3D Funky Aliens, pokenized unique music pieces and wereables for Sandbox and Decentraland Metaverse
Then, all Funky Aliens Holders will have access to our projects on Metaverse:
– Funky Club, a Disco Club in Metaverse
– Funky Radio on Metaverse
– Future Airdrops
– Private Community on Discord
– All those who owns a Rare or Super-Rare Funky Aliens will have access to the Funky CLub VIP Area and will receive reserved tickets for Special Events.



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